Google Tasks app helps capture, edit and sync tasks across devices

Google has launched a new standalone app called Tasks to keep a track of to-do’s. The app has been categorised as a productivity app and is available on Google Play Store and App Store at no cost.

The newly launched app integrates with the new and updated Gmail and users can directly access a tab of the app within Gmail itself.

Tasks is also part of the G-suit apps provided by Google. According to the description of the app on Google Play store, the app helps in managing, capturing and editing tasks from any device.

A list created by the user can be synced across all the devices used by the user. Tasks can be created and scheduled from Gmail and Calendar apps.

The screenshots below shows the steps that users can follow to start using the task/note taking app. Once the user installs the app, he/she arrives on the “Get started” screen shown below.

After clicking on it, the user arrives on the second page brings a + symbol that is used to create a new task.

By clicking on the three vertical dots placed at the right part of the screen, a user can change the name of the list and arrange the app according to Date or a customised order.

The app also provides the option to delete a list or delete all the tasks that has been completed by the users. The first screenshot placed below shows the option to access multiple accounts on the app. Google Task shows the existing accounts and a user can select the account he/she wants to use to make notes/tasks.

The screenshot in the middle shows a note/task listed in the app. All notes are listed under “My Tasks” list and a user can click on the arrow to select all the lists available on the app.

As shown below the task has been appointed a date and the user will be reminded to complete the task on the scheduled day.

Users can create a new list by clicking the hamburger icon placed (on the left bottom corner) of the main screen.

Google Tasks app can be used on all Android devices running Android 4.1 and above versions. The app can be used on Apple devices with iOS 10.0 or later and works on iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch.

The Google Tasks app is different from Google Keep (another app by Google to take notes) as it only deals with to-do’s and task lists whereas Google Keep helps in taking notes in various forms including text, image, voice recordings and hand written notes. Google Keep has labels instead of lists and notes can be labelled using different colours for easier categorization. Notes can also be shared with another user under an option to collaborate to make edits on the notes.

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