Google takes down convertible tablet Pixel C from its store

Google has announced that its flagship convertible tablet, the Pixel C, has been taken down from the Google Store.

The Pixel C had launched around two years ago and was originally intended to run the ChromeOS but reportedly Google couldn’t get it ready in time so it was installed with Android.

The starting price was a bit high at $599 (approx Rs 40,000) and alongside that, if you wanted the keyboard, that was another $200.

However, it did feature some great hardware such as Nvidia Tegra X1 chipset and a quad-core processor along with a Maxwell GPU paired with 3 GB of RAM.

Google had earlier withdrawn the 32 GB Pixel C but kept the 64 GB variant in stores, although the Mountain View-based tech company has not made marketing the device its primary objective.

Also according to a report in Android Police, the Pixel C is also nearing its full update support timeline and even though the device will receive security updates for perhaps another year, Google may finally be calling quits on the tablet market.

This news comes in the backdrop of Google getting ready to open brick and mortar stores in India to improve the sales of its Pixel devices. According to sources, Google will be focussing on improving the number of experience centres across India, as the response from these activities has been encouraging.

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