Google’s focus on Indian market has brought another feature for people who use different vernacular in the country. Google is apparently bringing real-time vernacular language translation to e-commerce websites in India starting with Xiaomi’s

This was announced my Xiaomi India head Manu Kumar Jain in a tweet that he posted earlier on Wednesday.

Essentially, with this feature, Google Assistant will translate any website you surf in real-time into your preferred language. In the attached video below, you can see how Google Assistant is automatically showing a translated format of every query on websites onto an overlayed pop-up. It is still unclear what all Indian languages the feature will support.

Another India-centric feature that Google has announced at the I/O 2019 is the integration of Google Lens and Live Translation to Google Go. This will allow users to point their camera at a wall of text, and Lens will automatically start reading the text out loud. Google says the feature will support translations in 14 languages. This means that Google Go users will soon be able to use Lens to translate text in real-time in almost a dozen languages.

Live translation is rolling out to Google Go users later this month. The same feature will also be rolling out to the full-fledged search app later.

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