Google flagship apps for iOS have received an update in terms of new helpful widgets. While Google is in the process of releasing the new widgets for Gmail, Google Drive, and Fit currently, the firm promises that widgets for Google Calendar and Chrome are also on their way. In a blog post published on 19 November, Luke Wroblewski, the director of iOS at Google, said the additions would make working on an iOS device using any Google app much easier. For instance, users will be able to compose a new email, go through unread emails, and search in Gmail in a small compact window without having to open the app on your iPhone. To use the widgets, users must have the apps downloaded from the Apple App Store.

Apart from Gmail, now the new Drive widget will let users access the files they are most likely to need with a single tap. Also, you can search for any file from your home screen. In the case of Google Fit, the number of steps taken throughout the week, and your heart points will appear on the widget’s screen.

Speaking about the upcoming widgets, Google said that the Calendar widget would display the important appointments on the home screen. This is likely to start to roll out in the coming weeks. The widget for Chrome will come early next year and let users open a new tab or incognito tab, voice search, and QR code scanning — all from the widget tab. Users will also be able to get quick access to search.

Users need to press and hold on the home screen of their iPhones or iPads and then click on the ‘+’ button to access the widget library. Once the desirable widget has been located, users can add the widgets along with resizing them.

Back in September, Google had also launched a widget for the Google Search app on iOS.

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