Google rolls out job-listings on Search in India

Continuing with its customised, India-centric innovations, Google on 24 April rolled out a new experience that will help jobs seekers more easily find relevant employment opportunities in Search

Users can access this experience in English on the Search app in Android and iOS operating systems. Job seekers can use filters like location, type, and the field in which they want a job to narrow down the results.

The experience lets the job seekers, search, save the listings, share them and even sign up for alerts. Google has partnered with several job search platform, including LinkedIn, QuikrJobs,, among others, and integrated them with Search.

The company also released open documentation, which will assist organisations in making their job openings discoverable on Search.

Rajan Anandan, Vice President India & Southeast Asia, said, “We know that people turn to Search while looking for a job. In Q4 last year, we saw more than a 45 percent increase in the number of job search queries, and this number is continuously growing. However today, the job search experience is not always effective. On the other hand companies, especially SMEs, that are the largest job creators are often unable to make their listings discoverable. This new job search experience powered by our partners and our open platform approach attempts to bridge this gap.”

When the user will click on any job listing, the user will see details such as location, ‘full time’, ‘part-time’, and other details.

Achint Srivastava, from the Google Search Engineering team added, “From a fresher looking for her first job, to a seasoned professional seeking out better prospects, finding the right job opportunity can be challenging. By working with our many partners to integrate their comprehensive listing of jobs, and offering an open platform where any third-party job search board or direct employer, and can now surface their jobs to a broader audience, we hope this new experience on Google will help make the job search simpler and more effective.”

The user will also receive ‘Alerts’ or relevant jobs through emails whenever there is a job listing.

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