Google rolls out ‘Datally’ app to help conserve mobile data for Android users

Thanks to the introduction of Reliance Jio, the Indian telecom market was ushered into a new era of aggressively priced mobile data packs. Consequently, India became the top mobile data user in the world. But for those of us not lucky enough to have been graced with Jio and its crazy data packs, managing mobile data could be troublesome.

While accessing videos and online content on mobile data, it is quite natural to keep an eye on how much data has been consumed and how much is left. Worse still many apps keep draining your mobile data while functioning in the background. Suddenly, you find that all your mobile data has vanished into thin air without your knowledge. Enter Google.

The Datally app, by Google, helps you do three very important things to do with your mobile data. Understand, control and save. Mastering these three is key to preventing unwanted mobile data depletion. Here’s how it works according to Google.

By understanding, Google means that the Datally app will be able to monitor the usage of mobile data on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. Based on this the app will be able to give you recommendations and suggestions for how you can save more.

The app has a Data Saver feature which blocks background data usage and also provides real-time tracking of every app’s data usage. If an app is on a spree of data wastage, you can block data access for that particular app with a simple tap. Datally sets up a VPN connection to which allows it to monitor traffic.

Datally will also notify you if you are in the range of a public Wi-Fi and help you connect so that you can save the precious mobile data.

Google tested out these features in the Philippines and found out that people were able to save up to 30 percent on their data. The app is now available for free on the Google Play Store for devices which are running Android 5.0 and more (which is kind of every phone).

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