Google Play Music to be replaced by YouTube ReMix

The biggest rival to Apple Music, Spotify and others — Google Play Music — may be shutting down!

According to a report by Droidlife, Google Play Music will soon be replaced by a new product from Google called the YouTube ReMix, later this year. Reportedly, YouTube ReMix will offer both on-demand music and video clips sourced from YouTube. Which means, if true it will essentially be an amalgamation of Google Play Music and YouTube Music.

YouTube ReMix has been teased ever since last year, and as per some media reports, it was expected to be launched sometime in March 2018. Clearly, that didn’t happen, and now Google Play Music might just migrate entirely by year end.

Google Play Music’s death will undoubtedly be a disappointment among users who were using the platform as their primary source of music. It offers smart, personalised playlists, a decent web interface, and a “locker” system for streaming your personal library. The latter is quite unique a feature if compared to the platform’s competitors.

Hallelujah if Google retains the Locker feature in YouTube ReMix, else this would be the part two of this bad news, with the ardent music collectors losing all their safe keeps.

Having said that, from Google’s perspective, YouTube ReMix is a great opportunity for the company to simplify its music and video services.

Google had announced the launch of its Google Play Music subscription service in India for Android, iOS and the web last year. It is priced at Rs 89/month with a 30-day free trial to users who wish to test drive the service before paying the monthly subscription.

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