Spreading a little festive cheer, Google is reportedly offering free credit to some users on Google Play Store.

This was first reported by 9To5Google, that spotted some Reddit users posting about the free credit.

According to the report, Google has been selecting these users based on their purchase history. So if you make a lot of app purchases, you are more likely to be a recipient of this Play Store credit. If you are one of the lucky users, you will be able to spot the credit in the form of a yellow banner on top of your Play Store app.

From what we know so far, Google is offering different deals to different users. While some got “$5 to spend on any app or game”, some users got free credit on purchases above $20, while for others “in-app purchases are excluded”. If you see any yellow banner like this on your Play Store, then simply tap on the banner to claim the credit. Once saved, you can find this credit in the Accounts section of the Play Store from the navigation drawer, in the Rewards tab.

Also note, the yellow banner will have a link on its corner to read the full disclaimer. You are suggested to go through what the offer entails for you before you get too excited (especially considering the offer is different for different users).

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