After acquiring Fitbit over a year ago, Google is finally preparing to launch its smartwatch this year at the Google I/O event in May. Called the Pixel Watch, the new wearable from Google has been built around Google’s latest Wear OS platform and aims to give the best wearables experience on Android.

A leak by 91Mobiles shows that the Pixel Watch has several key integrations from Fitbit. The new leaks of the design also show that Google is displaying these integrations rather prominently. The watch will come with the latest version of the Wear OS; the yet-unannounced variant called the Wear OS 3.1.

The circular face will most likely be a bezel-less design. This was possible only because Google has gone for a curved display that tapers into the watch’s body at the edges. The Pixel Watch also features a rotary crown that doubles up as a button, just like an Apple Watch. What functionalities does the button serve, and whether it can be remapped or not remains to be seen?

The fact that Google has been gearing up to launch a smartwatch of their own became obvious when after months of discussions, they finally acquired Fitbit in 2021 for $2.1 Billion. Despite its acquisition, Google has continued with the Fitbit brand and will be launching newer models under the brand that the latest Wear OS will power.

Wear OS 3 debuted with the Galaxy Watch 4 last year. However, has there been no update as of yet? Also, the Wear OS we have been seeing has had Samsung’s skin on it.

At the time of the acquisition, Rick Osterloh, Google’s vice president of devices, put out a statement, saying, “We’re confident the combination of Fitbit’s leading technology, product expertise, and health and wellness innovation with the best of Google’s AI, software, and hardware will drive more competition in wearables and make the next generation of devices better and more affordable.”

Apart from the Pixel Watch, Google will also be launching the low-cost Pixel 6a, powered by the same Tensor processor found in Google’s current flagship, the Pixel 6.

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