Google Pixel phones are getting the December Pixel feature drop that includes the latest Android security patch. As per a Google blog post, the December update will allow Pixel users to experience the most recent launches along with a few surprising new additions. The features started rolling out on 7 December and will continue in stages for the next two weeks. Users need to update the latest Android version and update their Android apps to receive the latest features. As per Google, once updated, they need to look out for a notification from the Tips app to learn more about all the ways the Pixel has improved.

According to Google, one of the additions is Hold for Me on Pixel 3 and later devices. If a user is put on hold, Google Assistant waits in the line and lets the user know when somebody is ready to talk, leaving them open to doing other work.

Another addition is the Extreme Battery Saver. When the feature is activated, Pixel automatically limits active apps for longer battery life. Google has also included group screen sharing in Duo video calls and has given Pixel the ability to automatically adjust the speaker’s sound equalizer settings based on the environment.

Apart from this, Pixel phones can now save battery life by switching between 5G and 4G based on the app one is using.

The update also includes Adaptive Charging that helps preserve battery healthy over time by dynamically controlling how quickly a Pixel device charges.

The Pixel GPS is now more accurate when a person is on foot, and it can detect if one is viewing a website or app in a different language and translate it using Google Lens. Making a playlist from the songs one heart into a new YouTube Music playlist has also become easier, and one can even personalize the home screen further with new icons, colours, app shapes, and grid view. Users can also customize wallpapers.

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