The Pixel 4 didn’t come to the Indian market, but wouldn’t you want to know what you are missing? Well, while the new Pixel smartphone has decently good reviews, the latest news about the phone isn’t too pleasant.

Reportedly, the latest security update rolled out to the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL smartphone are causing the phones’ Face Unlock feature to fail. Multiple reports of vexed Pixel 4 users have surfaced on the official Pixel support forum as well as Reddit.

The issue has apparently manifested in various forms. For some users, the Face Unlock feature has simply stopped working after installing the January security update. These users were also unable to wipe their bthe existing face data as they kept getting a “Cannot verify face” error message.

For other users, they abruptly started receiving system notifications asking them to re-register their face again, despite the face unlock functioning fine earlier.

The failure of the feature has been reported both during an attempt to unlock the phone or while launching a biometric-protected app.

Notably. though, the issue does not seem universal and has reportedly affected only a small number of devices at this point.

Also, while Google is yet to release an official fix for this issue, doing a factory reset makes the face unlock system work again on their Pixel 4. But that too isn’t working on all affected devices. If you do do the factory reset, make sure to take a complete backup of your device first.

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