Google Pixel 2 XL users report problems with its microphone

It looks like there is no respite for Google from problems regarding its Pixel 2 smartphones. Earlier on several Pixel 2 XL devices were reported to be suffering from screen burn-in issues and now it looks like another issue has cropped up regarding the microphone of the Pixel 2 XL device.

According to a discussion on one of Google’s Product Forums the Pixel 2 microphone does not work in some critical scenarios which include while the user is on a call or when the Google Assistant is functioning.  However, a user shared in a recent post that the problem may be resolved by blowing into the bottom speaker. Another one posted a video which confirmed that the process actually works.

The official word from Google is that it is currently working to fix this issue. But for the time being, if you happen to own a Pixel 2 device and are facing issues on your microphone, you use the above-mentioned technique to rectify it temporarily. However, it seems quite bizarre that a problem in a premium flagship such as the Pixel 2 needs to be resolved by actions such as blowing in the microphone. In our opinion, this could very well be a hardware problem rather than software.

This comes days after Google issued a software update to address the myriad issues plaguing the Pixel 2 XL.  The most prominent of them was the screen burn-in and to address this issue, Google’s software update brings down the maximum brightness a notch and introduces a new navigation bar that will fade out after a period of inactivity.

Another criticism that the display faced was that it wasn’t as “vivid” as the display on other, competing OLED displays. Google has now added the option of a “saturated” mode, which pumps up the colours. Android Central notes that this mode will still not overly saturate the colours, but they will at least look “punchy”. They add that the Pixel 2’s clicking audio issue has also been addressed.

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