Google is about to add some cool features to its Google Photos app soon. Yesterday (3 July) the Google Photos Product head, David Lieb started an open discussion on Twitter asking people to suggest changes that they want to see in the Google Photos. During this open discussion, Lieb confirmed a few features that will be available on the app soon. He did not confirm any date as to when can we expect these features. Here are all the features that the Google Photos product head confirmed.

Manual Face Tagging

When suggested that at times Google cannot recognise people in images and that an option to do it manually would be good, Leib replied by saying “definitely on the roadmap”. By this response, it is being expected that we will witness this feature soon on Google Photos.

Access to recently uploaded images

When using Google photos on the web or iOS, users have an option to see the recently uploaded images, but this feature is just limited to the web and not the smartphone. According to the recent tweet by David Lieb, users will now be able to see recently uploaded images on Android smartphones as well.

Deleting images directly from an album

Right now if users are viewing an album on Google Photos and they have to delete a particular image, it is not possible to do it directly from the album. A user has to click on the “delete” option, which moves the image to the bin and then you have to delete it from there to erase it completely. To this Lieb responded saying, “team is on that”, which may means Google may soon let you directly delete your images from the album.

Editing time stamps on Android

Previously, time stamps could only be edited on the web or iOS. Now it has been confirmed that these edits can also be made on Android devices. Users will now be able to change the location and date and so on from their Android smartphones as well.

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