There is currently a lot of drama surround folding phones, especially the Galaxy Fold, after reports emerged that the device’s release had been delayed globally and review units had been recalled due to several hardware problems in the device. However, Google is moving ahead in the software department for these folding phones and in one of the first steps towards optimisations, it has given Google Photos support for folding phones.

On Google Play Store, the latest update for Google Photos states “We’ve launched a new gallery view to help you see which of your photos and videos have not yet been backed up and proactively choose items to backup. Additionally, we’ve introduced several improvements to make Google Photos compatible with foldable devices.”

Currently, it doesn’t seem to be clear what Google means with “compatible”. It could very well mean that Photos could be optimised for a bigger screen giving the user more real estate to see the photos or it could mean that Google might use the bigger screen to introduce tablet-like features on the folding phone. In any case, as we slowly descend into the folding future, we are sure to see more updates to mould apps for the bigger folding screens.

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