Google Pay now introduced to web browsers and on iOS

Having launched the Android app in February, Google Pay has now been made available for the web to allow users to pay directly using their Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser or an iOS device.

For those who are not quite sure what Google Pay is, the platform essentially combines the features of what was the earlier Google Wallet app and bakes Android Pay features into it. Google Pay is not yet available in many countries, but Google is working on getting it to more countries.

The payment platform developed by Google provides a convenient and simplified interface that lets user store not only credit cards and debit cards but even gift cards. In short, paying online can now become as easy as saving a password on your browser and then forgetting about it.

Back in February, Google had also confirmed that it is working with online partners and in retail stores to turn Pay into a one app solution to all of one’s payment problems. This includes paying bills at POS counters to buying tickets for a commute etc.

As pointed out by The Next Web in a report, Google Pay is currently working in 20 countries which in time should let Google catch up with Apple’s payment solution, Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is already available for users across browsers and mobile platform, giving it an edge, but considering Google’s Android user base being much larger than Apple’s, it would not be a surprise if we see Google Pay becoming more popular soon.

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