Google Pay app gets a major overhaul; brings contactless payment, mobile banking and more

Google Pay has got a major design overhaul for iOS and Android users in the US and is being relaunched with many new features. The app has transformed from a contactless payment system into an all-in-one mobile banking app with peer-to-peer payments and financial tracking.

The new version of Google Pay will have three main tabs, including Pay, Explore, and Insights. The Pay tab includes peer-to-peer payments and transaction history using tap-to-pay. The Explore tab will allow users to explore new deals and discounts for people on the platform. Lastly, Insights will allow users to connect back accounts to get a searchable overview of your finances.

Now, users can make payments based on their contact list, search for local retailers that accept Google Pay, and in some cases, allow users to order meals directly from the app. The app crawls your Gmail inbox and Google Photos, allowing it to search for receipts automatically. Google Pay will also use OCR technology to auto-scan and integrate them into finance tracking.

Additionally, Google Pay will show recent activities and provide quick access to rewards cards and offers. Google Pay will now be able to store discount codes and automatically apply them.

Users will also be able to click on a contact to see past transactions’ details in the form of chat bubbles while being able to pay, request money, or split a bill in the chatbox itself.  A new group chat feature will allow users to see which people in a group have contributed towards splitting a bill and who hasn’t.

Insights is one of the most interesting features coming to Google Pay. This financial management system will help users see their pending trends and insights and analyze their expenditure per month. Google Pay will also alert you if you spend too much on shopping or dinners to help you cut spending in the following months.

There are a few new built-in security features, like alerts when you send money to the wrong person. Additionally, a new set of privacy controls can be used to customize the digital payment experience. As far as privacy goes, Google claims that it “will never sell your data to third parties or share your transaction history with the rest of Google for targeting ads.”

The new Google Pay app is already rolling out on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for users in the US and will arrive in other regions in the coming months.

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