Google I/O 2018 to be held from 8 May to 10 May 2018

Google has revealed the schedule for its annual developer conference, Google I/O 2018.

According to the schedule, the conference is set to take place from 8 May to 10 May 2018 in Mountain View California. In a manner typical of Google, the company did not directly announce the schedule directly. Instead, it revealed the date through an online puzzle.

This is not the first time when Google has revealed the schedule of I/O using an online puzzle as this happened last year as well. According to a report by The Verge, more than 100 readers took to Discord to solver the puzzle while walking through multiple rooms in Google Maps for clues about the date and the location. One of the most interesting parts of the hunt was clues including a pineapple cake in one of the rooms hinting at a possible name for the next version of Android.

The company went to a good length to create the elaborate puzzle that includes a calendar at the reception that is set to 5 August, National Sister’s Day, a book on the coffee book table is called as ‘Sister Carrie’, a landscape photo on the TV that looks like Three Sisters volcanic peak in Oregon and a painting of Bronte sisters on the opposite wall.

Last year’s conference focused on Android Oreo, Android Go, Google Assistant, Google Photos, and Daydream View. It is likely that the company will focus on Android P this year in addition to more machine learning-powered software advancements and improved neural network processing units.

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