Google has now included Bedtime mode in the Clock app of almost all the Android devices. Users will be able to track their sleeping schedule, wake up, and go to sleep on a set time and limit their digital exposure.

Google started rolling out the feature for users of Android 6.0 and above from 11 August 2020. In a product blog, Google said that the Bedtime mode will be able to keep your smartphone “dark and quiet” when you sleep so that notifications at odd hours do not interrupt your sound sleep.

Users with devices that have Google’s Digital Wellbeing app installed can also use the Bedtime mode by simply turning the Bedtime mode on in the app, said the blog.

The introduction of Bedtime will help users set a sleeping tune from Spotify, Calm, or YouTube Music. Hence, if you have trouble sleeping, a song of your choice will play till the set time limit and help you get to sleep. On the other hand, if you “dread feeling startled by your alarm”, you can use the Sunrise Alarm app which uses “visual cues” to wake people more gently than the crass and loud alarm sounds. Or, you can also choose to play your favorite song as the alarm.

“Once upon a time, sleep came naturally. And thanks to Android, it can again,” claimed the video posted by Google.

Earlier, the Bedtime feature was available only for Pixel users. With the expansion of the feature, Google is aiming at bringing natural sleep and sound sleeping pattern to users.

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