Just like Gmail and Telegram, Google Messages too is now offering users to schedule messages. The functionality showed up for a few users as part of an a/b test at the beginning of November, reported to Android Police. The report added that the feature is starting to roll out much more widely in the US. The option acts as a replacement for the long-press shortcut for sending an MMS with a subject.

According to the report, since the rollout has just commenced, it may still take a bit until one can schedule messages on their phone.

Users can check if they got in on the feature by tapping and holding the send button in chat. It should either open the scheduled dialogue or the old MMS subject interface. If a new dialogue pops up, it lets users schedule a message, but it only gets sent if one’s phone is turned on and has an internet connection.

Users can choose from a whole collection of predefined times and dates or select a specific moment for the message to be sent. The scheduled message will appear in their chat as a preview, which one can tap if they want to delete it or change the text of the message.

The report adds that if one wants to add an MMS subject line to the scheduled messages, they need to search for the Show subject field entry in the three-dot overflow menu at the top right corner of the chat.

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