Video conferencing app Google Meet will now let users create up to 100 breakout rooms during a meeting. This will help big meetings continue without chaos as individuals get divided into smaller groups for their whole discussion and return to the original forum once their conversation is over. However, not all Meet users will get the update as of now. It has been currently made available to customers of G Suite Enterprise for Education, as per a Google blog.

The latest update will let educators break the class in smaller groups for simultaneous compact and specific group discussions to save time and ensure peace in the virtual classroom. Moderators will be able to jump between breakout rooms to look over the proceedings and participate in discussions.

A user will be able to distribute the participants into different breakout rooms manually. Also, there is the facility to randomly as well as equally divide the students during a call. The maximum number of breakout rooms in a single market has been set at 100. As per a company support page, moderators must start the breakout rooms during a video call on a computer where anyone who creates or schedules the meeting is a moderator.

A breakout room cannot be live-streamed or recorded as of now, and every candidate must have signed in to their Google accounts to be eligible for a separate breakout room. It is needless to say that changes can be made to the places after they have been created. Moreover, moderators will not be able to see the chat messages that are exchanged between participants before they join or after they leave a breakout room.

According to Google, this feature will be launching to additional Google Workspace editions later this year. To create a breakout room, users need to tap on the ‘Activities’ tab after starting a video call on Meet. In this tab, the option of creating breakout rooms will be present. Users need to select the number of breakout rooms they would like to make. One can either drag participants into different places, or they’ll be randomly distributed


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