Google Maps revamps developers platform with a simplified payment option

Google has updated its Maps developer platform to make it easier for the developers using the service, to take advantage of the new location-based features and products. The new redesign will help ride-sharing and asset tracking companies as they can directly use embedded Google Maps navigation, which will help in optimising both drivers’ and customers’ experience.

Google has simplified 18 individual APIs (Application programming interface) into three core products Maps, Routes and Places which will make adding new features easier. Developers can use the existing codes to access these APIs.

It has also merged the Standard and Premium plans to bring one “pay-as-you go” pricing plan for core products. It is offering free monthly usage of $200 and free customer support for all users. It has also integrated Google Cloud Platform.

Google Maps Platform blog mentioned, “Our asset tracking offering helps businesses improve efficiencies by locating vehicles and assets in real-time, visualising where assets have travelled, and routing vehicles with complex trips.”  The new services will start from 11 June but only for those with valid API key and Google Cloud account will be able to access it.

The company has also launched another program to broaden its Assistant ecosystem. The investment program will help startups with resources to bring new features to the Assistant.

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