‘Google Maps Go’ out in India; for Android smartphones with less than 1 GB RAM

After recently launching its handy Files Go app at ‘Google for India’, the search giant has now announced Go version of its popular maps application called the Google Maps Go App.

While Files Go was built for every single Android smartphone, the ‘Go’ version of the Google Maps app, has been optimised to work on Android-powered smartphones with less RAM.

The app according to Google has been designed to work on devices with 512 MB or 1 GB RAM (yes, they do exist). So if you have a smartphone with 3 GB or 4 GB RAM, you may not even find the app in your Play Store search results.

Google Maps Go is basically a lightweight version of the standard Google Maps application available on the Google Play Store. It offers features that are similar to the standard version of the Maps application, but take up less space during installation and less resources while running on these entry-level smartphones.

The new app will join other ‘Go’ apps on the Google Play Store which currently include the Files Go, Google Go and YouTube Go. Google has plans to add some lightweight variants of other popular Google apps like Gmail and Google Assistant in the future as well.

The Go ecosystem of apps is a part of Google’s Android Oreo (Go edition) effort, which is an operating system mean for smartphones with just 512 MB to 1 GB RAM. These smartphones will offer better performance compared to the current lot of droids, that often lag after being loaded up with apps because of the lesser hardware specifications.

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