With a major part of our lives playing out online, secure internet accounts are a must. Tech giant Google has introduced a new alert system to keep users informed faster. According to a company blog post, the redesigned critical alert will be delivered directly to the Google app you are currently using, thus informing you of the breach in security or possible hack. The message will also advise you on certain steps you can take to deal with the issue. This means that the security alert messages would not go straight to the Gmail inbox as it does now.

The blog adds that the messages will be resistant to spoofing, ensuring that all such cross-app alert messages are coming from Google itself and not any third party. This feature will see a “limited rollout in the coming weeks,” and the firm is planning to “expand more broadly early next year.”

As seen in the representation shared by the company, the new alert will be issued by a blinking red ‘i’ symbol around the circular icon of your Google account. The blinking will prove successful in drawing the user’s attention. Upon clicking on the icon, Google will ask users to manage their account and clicking on the tab will show them the critical security alert, where one can confirm whether the reported usage was indeed them or not.

Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, Vice President of Product of Privacy at Google, mentions that the security update is in line with the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. According to the data presented, Google’s “Safe Browsing protects over four billion devices, along with Gmail blocking more than 100 million phishing attempts every day, and Google Play Protect scans over 100 billion apps every day for malware and other issues”.

The blog also announced a new Guest Mode in Google Assistant. Scheduled to be rolled out in the upcoming weeks, no user data will be saved while in this mode. The firm mentions that the mode can be turned on or off by simple voice command.


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