Google has released a new smart speaker, the Nest Audio, in India. The product is marketed at music lovers as the firm says it will be 75 percent louder and with 50 percent stronger bass than the original Google Home. The latest speaker comes with a 19 mm tweeter for consistent high-frequency coverage and clear vocals and a 75 mm mid-woofer to blast out the bass. This custom-designed tweeter will allow each musical detail to come through without distortion.

Google claims to have completed over 500 hours of tuning to ensure that the lows, mids, and highs are perfectly balanced. Nest Audio is touted to deliver all genres of music, be it classical, R&B, or pop adequately.

The home speaker will also have minimizedcompressors’e use to preserve the original dynamic range, which the music carried when recorded in a studio. This means that the quiet parts will remain smooth and subtle, while the loud parts are powerful and all-consuming.

It can also be used to listen to podcasts or audiobooks. The product also supports Google Assistant, which is available in Hindi and English. According to the firm, Nest Audio will adapt automatically to its users using its Media EQ feature. An ambient IQ feature lets the device adjust the volume of Assistant, news, podcasts, or audiobooks based on the background noise in the given time at one’s home.

Users can easily group their Nest Audio with their old Google smart home devices such as Google Home, Nest Mini, or Nest Hub. Music and other media can be transferred to the device from your smartphone. You will also be able to group multiple cast-enabled Nest devices in real-time using the recently-launched multi-room control feature.

Nest Audio has been created with a compact design, and Google has worked on maximizing the audio output by custom-designing the quality drivers and fitting them in an enclosure. In India, the device will be sold in two colors: Chalk and Charcoal.

Nest Audio will be available via Flipkart and other retail outlets later this month. The firm will be announcing the cost details later.

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