Instagram Question stickers were pretty much the most loved addition to the Stories format (however brief that love was). And Google is now rolling out an app called Cameos, which is sort of like the Question sticker, except the one answering them are our favourite celebrities.

Basically, when you put up all the queries on Google Search, as of now, the answers come either extracted from news articles, or through crowdsourced answers put up on websites like Quora or Reddit.

However, with the new Q&A app, Google is getting celebrities on board to answer all the silly “How tall is Priyanka Chopra” and “Does Jon Snow really know nothing” kind of questions. So, better get your silly questions asked from the horse’s mouth right?

The app is surprisingly extremely exclusive and requires you to be invited to the app, to even use it. From what The Next Web reports, “once you’re in the app, you answer questions of your choice on video, and then those videos appear in the card to the side of your search results.”

While I imagine this would be a much-appreciated change by some from the usual Google queries, but I wonder how many celebrities would actually dedicate their time to respond to all the questions.

What do you think? Do you look forward to being part of Cameos? Or do you think this would just dissolve into vain?

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