Encrypting data has become quintessential in this digital age. You can never tell if your private data gets intercepted on its way to the recipient. The threat of that is higher when it comes to lower-end phones that have low processing power and poor encryption system in place.

And to combat this, Google has released Adiantum, which is a new mode of storage encryption for low-power devices like Android Go phones. Example of such a device is the Nokia 2.

Basically, higher-end expensive devices have the built-in hardware, which handles encryption using the current Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Low powered devices that dont have a good SoC do not use AES as it takes a heavy toll on the system. Adiantum is meant to counter that giving entry-level devices, smartwatches and so on, an encryption standard, which does not compromise private messages of users.

Google says that “Even though Adiantum is very new, we are in a position to have high confidence in its security.” The inner workings of the Adiantum are too exhausting and detailed to explain in this article, however for the curious mind, here’s a link which explains everything about this new encryption standard.

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