Foldable smartphones have become the new trend in 2019. With Samsung and Huawei already unveiling their respective folding flagship smartphones along with Oppo, it is time for the other tech giants to step up. Now a new patent has revealed Google’s plans for a folding smartphone.

The patent, which was first spotted by Patently Mobile showed that the Google phone will have horizontal fold much like the rumoured Motorola folding Razr phone. The image of the patent also shows that the phone will have a small gap when it is folded, something smartphone manufacturers will look to avoid for a perfectly folding smartphone.

Apart from that, there is no other information regarding the device but we must also warn readers that this patent reveal does not definitely mean that Google is working on a foldable smartphone. Many time patents gather dust with no one to work on them. We shall know for sure in the coming time for sure.

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