Google has announced that it is adding support for Apple Music to its Google Nest smart speakers and other Google Assistant-enabled smart speakers and displays. The addition has been made to devices in the UK, US, France, Germany, and Japan. As per Google’s blog post, Apple Music subscribers can search and play songs more than 70 million songs, albums, and playlists just by using their voice. As per Google, to play music from Apple Music, users have to first link to the Apple Music account in the Google Home app.

One can also select Apple Music as their default music streaming service. Once they have done that, all they need to do is say “Hey Google, play New Music Daily playlist,” or “Hey Google, play Rap Life playlist.”

Users can ask Google Assistant to play any specific song, artist, or playlist available in Apple Music; They can also play songs they liked from the library by saying, “Hey Google, play my songs” or “Hey Google, play my library.”

Users who have more than one compatible smart speaker or display can use the multi-room control feature in the Google Home app or on a Nest smart display to move out music from one device to another. They can also play music on all devices by saying, “Hey Google, play music on all my speakers.”

According to a TechCrunch report, many Google smart speaker owners use third-party services like Spotify, Pandora, or Deezer — which are already supported in the Google Home app. However, with the Google Play Music service shut down, which saw the service merge with YouTube Music, many people had to decide whether to jump ship to a new service or stay within Google’s ecosystem, with many moving to Apple.

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