To bring in gender-neutrality in conversations, Google has released 53 gender fluid emoji to its Android catalogue.

As reported by Fast Company, Google realised the lack of gender-neutral symbols in texting and decided to add 53 updated, gender-ambiguous emoji as part of a beta release for Pixel smartphones starting this week.

The new emoji set includes weightlifter, swimmer, zombies, merpeople, children, that are neither male nor female.

The new set of emojis will be rolled out to all Android Q devices later this year.

Considering Google collaborated with many of its rival for these emojis, we could expect the likes of Apple to release a similar set of gender ambiguous emojis.

According to Jennifer Daniel, a designer at Google, they are not calling these emojis ‘asexual’,  ‘third-gender’, ‘non-binary’ characters or ‘gender neutral’ emojis. In Daniel’s words “Gender neutral is what you call pants.”. She reportedly says that Google is trying to make everyone feel inclusive irrespective of their gender.

For example, the newly introduced vampire emoji shows a chain across its lapels, which is fit for both the genders unlike the usual necklace or bowtie sported by the existing female-and male-presenting vampire emojis.

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