Google Expeditions app now offer AR tours on both iOS and Android

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Google Expeditions AR has been touring schools over the last year, but now anyone can try it on Android and iOS.

Starting 30 May, Expeditions AR tours are available to anyone via the Google Expeditions app on both Android and iOS, according to their blog. It is a free download, part of an updated Expeditions App as opposed to earlier when it was an initiative designed for school.Last year at Google I/O, the Google Expeditions AR Pioneer Program was announced. Google claims that one million students have used AR in their classrooms.

Google has also updated the Expeditions app to help you discover new tours, find your saved tours, and more easily start a solo adventure.

The app has 800 VR experiences and 100 AR experiences, and be can be used with just a phone. All you need is your phone to be compatible with Apple's ARKit or Google's ARCore.

Google announced a number of new things in the keynote presentation at the Google I/O 2017. The announcements ranged from machine learning, neural network, the next version of Android and a different configuration of Android for devices with low specifications. However, a sizeable chunk of the presentation and announcements were dedicated to Google Assistant.

The Google I/O 2018 too came with a lot of improvements to Google's products. The Google digital assistant conversed so naturally, it seemed like a real person. Also, there were amazing new developments with Google Assistant, Google Lens, Maps and more.

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