For a few hours now, Google Drive and Gmail have been hit by a global outage (for only some users though).

According to a status update on Google’s GSuite Status Dashboard at around 8 am IST, both Gmail and Google Drive were experiencing what it described as a “service disruption.”

Google said that it is investigating the issue. At the time of writing the story, there was no update from the company on the same.

Owing to the issue, users were able to access Gmail but they were seeing an error message when sending out emails. For some users, there were also issues when attaching or accessing attachments, as well as accessing and saving draft emails.

As for Google Drive, while users could open Drive, downloading and uploading files has been an issue since a few hours now.

This basically means that a lot of people globally have not been able to use Gmail to its full potential for a few hours.

So what do you do when you can’t send out an email? You send out tweets to complain and joke about it.

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