For years, Google has been working on creating a laptop that would have its ARM-based Tensor processor and run on ChromeOS. The project was nicknamed Tensor Pixelbook. Now, reports have surfaced that Google has canceled this project.

The company was hoping to unveil the project in 2023 and was said to be far along in development. However, a report by The Verge claims that Google has dropped not only the project but also dissolved the team responsible for building it.

Google has been making the Pixelbook since 2017 when they introduced what was supposed to be the ultimate Chromebook, a clamshell device that ran on ChromeOS. Google started making and selling Chromebooks in 2013 and using the Pixel branding for their ultraportables in 2017.

The last Pixelbook that Google launched was in 2019, called the Pixelbook Go, an ultraportable that features Intel’s 8th Gen laptop processors, which it still sells. Google planned to use their silicon for the upcoming Pixelbooks, which would have been launched in 2023., in conjunction with Tensor-powered Pixel tablets.

In May this year, Google publicly announced at the I/O developer’s conference that it is committed to making a Pixel-branded tablet part of Android’s broader significant screen push. It’s rumored to have some crossover as a Nest Smart Display, while a “Pro” version is also being prepared.

When they were launched, the Pixelbook was pitted against the MacBook Air, mainly because of its impressive construction and user experience. Like the

It is doubtful now that Google themselves will be making a Chromebook, not at least for the foreseeable future. Other manufacturers, however, will continue to make Chromebooks, using the latest CPUs from Intel’s 12th Gen lineup of laptops and ultraportable processors.

Google has seen a significant round of cost-cutting in recent months. In recent weeks, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai has been talking about product consolidation in light of the current economic environment.

Google did not confirm the Pixelbook cancellation but instead said it is committed to building and supporting a portfolio of Google products that are innovative and helpful for our users.

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