Google had introduced the snapshot feature in Google Assistant in 2018 to help users manage their daily schedule by tabulating when one has a meeting, what are the transit timings and so on. The feature would present “visual snapshots” of your day, and the Assistant would even give reminders accordingly.

Google is bringing personalized updates to the feature. The Snapshot card will now have birthdays and holidays listed as well. The feature will show you the upcoming birthdays at the top and even suggest various actions you can take, like calling the contact or dropping a personalized happy birthday song. It will also send notifications for upcoming events or flights along with due bills.

Google is also bringing the provision of receiving recommendations based on your user data. So Assistant will use data from your Search results and suggest games, restaurants, recipes, and other things that might interest you.

Of these tailored recommendations, the tab will show different recipe suggestions. Google says the results will change based on the time of your search. Thus dinner items if you search at night.

Now Assistant users will be able to summon the Snapshots using voice command. Previously the feature was accessible only through pressing the icon in the Assistant window’s bottom left corner. But after the recent update, you can say, “Hey Google, show me my day,” and the feature will get activated.

It is to be noted here that the English command will work only if your default language is English. However, the tech giant is working on introducing additional languages in the coming months.

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