Google has consistently been working to make Wear OS more intuitive, simple and easy to use. And in the same effort, Google is now adding a new widget to the Wear OS called Tiles.

Tiles are essentially glanceable widgets that you can swipe to get information quickly, including the weather, your next calendar appointment, your heart rate, news headlines, etc.

Earlier when swiped left from Wear OS’ watchface, it took you to Google Fit. However, with Tiles being rolled out, besides Your Fit data, you will also have other widgets available to you.

“With a swipe left, you’ll be greeted by these Tiles and can check your progress towards your fitness goals or start a workout, know where you need to be next, plan ahead with the latest forecast, check your heart rate, follow the latest breaking headlines and set a timer,” Wear OS product manager Frank Deschenes wrote in a blog post.

The blog also reveals that Tiles will be rolling out to Wear OS over the next month.

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