Augmented Reality (AR) filters have been the trend for a long time now. Snapchat is the trendsetter and all the others like Instagram and Facebook followed suit. A little late to the party, but finally, YouTube has also joined the bandwagon.

In the company’s latest release, YouTube and ARCore are now offering Augmented Faces API, which allows users to add virtual glasses, masks, hats and various other funky props to short video clips.

Google via its blog post revealed that the use of 3D mesh has given a more realistic feel to the filters by simulating light reflections, virtual object shadows onto the face mesh, and filter even models on our face. For example, the virtual glasses do not shift or go away when the person tilts, moves or even turns their head in different directions.

Also, it has tried to offer highly realistic makeup effects.

YouTube Stories in 2017 was only accessible to about 100 creators, but in 2018 it expanded to creators who have more than 10,000 followers. Also unlike the Story feature on other platforms, which expires in a day, YouTube Stories expire after seven days.

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