Google had rolled out Gboard minis, support for GIF, emojis, stickers and a lot of other things in 2018. Now the Google Keyboard has added 40 new languages to the app, bringing the total to over 500 supported languages.

In Gboard’s last update, it had added around 50 new languages including Alas, Amis, Brahui, Choctaw, Gayo, Giryama, Gorontalo, Gusii, Hehe and Iban, as per GSMArena.

And now the keyboard has provided support for languages which include: Anaang, Ngaju, Alur, East Franconian, Songe, Muong, Urum, Gujari, Lampung Api, Guyanese Creole, Silesian, Dagaare, Musi, Nyamwezi, Haya, Manado Malay, Ma’anyan, Kwanyama, Dungan, Mandinka, Dotyali, Eastern Tamang, Makonde and Limbu

The languages are now live now on Gboard and can be accessed through an update on Android, but the update is still to roll out for iOS users.

The inclusion of such a variety of languages will allow a lot more people to access the keyboard in their preferred language.

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