Gmail’s new ‘Confidential’ mode which will let you self-destruct emails

Gmail is all set to get a new design in the coming months. But in addition to these changes, it looks like Google is also planning to add a new feature called Confidential Mode.

According to a report in The Verge, Google is introducing a Confidential Mode, which will let Gmail users stop recipients from forwarding certain emails or taking their prints or downloading them or even copying the mail’s content.

Such emails can also be passcode-locked and can only be opened if you enter the correct passcode which will be sent to your phone via SMS. Users can also set an expiration date on certain sent emails.

These features are already available on Microsoft’s full Outlook application. While these features may reassure business users who do not want certain information to be shared by the recipient with anyone else, users can still take screenshots of these emails or take a photograph of the email content.

Google is also planning to redesign Gmail for the web with plans to integrate some of the features available on its mobile app, to make it more clean and user-friendly. The redesign brings features like quick reply, offline support to the web version of Gmail.

TechCrunch in a report posted the screenshot of a mail received by Google employees, that provides information about the upcoming redesign and the “Early Adoption Program” (EAP). The Early Adoption Program will be made available to personal users in advance of the public announcement.

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