Following a big redesign last year, Gmail for web is now getting a few nifty features which includes a much needed undo/redo button.

A Google blog post states that over the next few days, G Suite Gmail accounts will see the addition of undo and redo buttons in the compose window, along with a button to strike text through. Now software buttons aren’t as convenient as dedicated keyboard shortcuts but this is definitely a useful addition for those who aren’t very adept with a keyboard.

The strikethrough feature, on the other hand, could be quite useful for those who find the need to use it often as there isn’t really a keyboard shortcut for that.

The other major addition is the ability to download emails as .EML files. The advantage here is that emails downloaded as .EML files can be opened in most email clients with their formatting and attachments intact, and can even be sent as attachments to other emails.

Sadly though, these new features will be available only for G Suite users for the time being. Non-G Suite accounts will likely see the new functionality soon, too. However, there’s no word on when or if these changes will trickle down to the Gmail mobile app.

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