Fujifilm introduces the Fuji X100F and the Fuji X-T20 cameras

Fujifilm’s X series cameras are among the best mirrorless cameras that you can buy today. Featuring an X-Trans sensor and superlative optics, these cameras have proven their worth many times over.

Today, Fuji announced the newest version of the X series cameras. These are the X100F (replacing the X100T) and the X-T20 (replacing the X-T10), reports The Verge.

Both cameras get a brand new X-Trans III 24 MP sensor and a new, 91 point PDAF system (phase detection auto focus) covering 40 percent of the image area. This is a big bump from the previous system, especially on the X-T10, which only had PDAF points in the central region.

The X-T20 also gets new continuous shooting modes and the ability to record videos in 4K (up from 1080p).

The X100F is a fixed-lens camera while the X-T20 is an interchangeable lens camera. The X-T20 also gets full touch-screen controls as opposed to the joystick found on other X-series cameras. The X-T20 will come with a Fuji XF18-55 f/2.8 -4 R LM OIS lens.

Also announced was a brand new, XF 50mm f/2.0 R WR lens.

Fuji’s X-Trans sensor is unique in that it uses a custom layout for detecting colour on its sensor. Normal sensors use a Bayer array, which introduces noticeable moiré and aliasing. To eliminate this, an anti-aliasing (or optical low pass filter) filter is fitted. This reduces sharpness and the amount of light that the sensor is sensitive too.

By eliminating the Bayer array, Fuji’s X-Trans sensor also eliminates the need for an anti-aliasing filter. The resultant images are thus much sharper and cleaner as the sensor is now more sensitive to light as well.

Raw image processing does take a hit because of this, but as long as you have the right plug-ins, you should be fine.

The Fuji X100F will retail for $1,299.95 (around Rs 90,000) and the X-T20 will retail for $1,199.95 (around Rs 81,000) with the 18-55 mm kit lens. The X-T20 body will retail for $899 (around Rs 61,000)

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