Fujifilm India on 27 June launched a new analog instant camera instax SQUARE SQ6 at Rs 9,999.

The instax SQUARE comes in three colour variations, Blush Gold, Graphite Grey and Pearl White. It is compatible with square format films, allowing users to enjoy on-the-spot photo printing.

“The new product has been designed keeping in mind the ever-changing preferences of the Indian youth, offering unique features to complement their needs,” Haruto Iwata, managing director, Fujifilm India Pvt. Ltd., said in a statement.

The camera allows shooting in three modes – double exposure mode, macro mode and landscape mode.

In the double exposure mode, you can press the shutter twice to capture an artistic shot with two images in the same print. The macro mode allows you to capture subjects from a close range of 30 centimeters to 50 centimeters. And finally in the landscape mode is ideal for capturing subjects in the distance starting from 2 meters.

The camera, interestingly, also has a selfie mode. You can check the capture area of your selfie in a mirror next to the lens, and it automatically adjusts brightness and focal length to the ideal level for capturing selfies.

The camera detects the ambient brightness and adjusts to provide the optimum shutter speed and flash light intensity. Even in a dark room, subjects and the background can be shot vividly and clearly, the company said.

The film developing times is approximately 90 seconds. The camera also has an electronically controlled self-timer which allows a 10-second delay. The timer can be stopped mid-run, and you will not lose the expensive film, just because you weren’t sure about the picture.

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