Flipkart Collaborates with Google Zoo to launch “The Big Billion Days ka Boss” program

Flipkart’s Big Billion Day sale will run from 10 October to 14 October. The sale promises to bring good deals to its customer and also a different bargaining experience. We’re hardly likely to get the same joy of haggling online as we do at our favourite haunts, but haggling with the Google Assistant Hagglebot should, at least, be a rather novel experience. Flipkart has partnered with Google Zoo in order to launch “The Big Billion Days ka Boss” program.

Each day, Flipkart promises to release two new products for its customers to haggle over. Customers would have to place their best negotiation foot forward, arm themselves with all their bargaining skills and demand a “fair” price for said product from Hagglebot on Google Assistant, which is available on both Android and iOS.

Siri might have to take a backseat during this time, but who uses Siri anyway?

At the end of all the virtual hustle and bustle, a “Boss” will be crowned, who will be picked based on their negotiation skills.

Now for the best part. Everyone, even those who didn’t participate, will be able to buy the product at the price negotiated for by the ‘Boss’.

The winner, aka the “Boss”, would be given a free product.

A report in Livemint further mentions that there will also be limited-edition deals going on, which would be available through Hagglebot’s AI-based platform.

Kartikeya Bhandari, head of brand marketing at Flipkart states that bargaining is essential to the Indian community and they integrated that with the convenience of online shopping.

The technology is said to be built upon DialogFlow on Google Assistant and is said to be powered by the Google Cloud Platform.

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