Fitbit just launched two new fitness trackers which are the company’s cheapest yet, but users will not be able to buy the wearable device by themselves.

The Fitbit Inspire will be exclusively available to corporate employees and health insurance members. The plan is that the fitness tracker will be fully subsidised and issued by the bulk, whether by a company that wants its employees to stay active, or a health insurance provider that wants its members to monitor their well-being.

The Fitbit Inspire offers the basic fitness tracker functions, including activity and sleep tracking, burnt calories monitor, move reminders, goal celebrations and mobile alerts. The Inspire also receives notifications from your phone over a Bluetooth connection such as calls, texts and calendar alerts. It is water-resistant up to 50 meters, promises up to five days of battery life and comes in two colours — black and sangria.

The more advanced Inspire HR, on the other hand, also gets a 24 x 7 heart rate tracker and a few other features such as sleep stage monitoring, exercise modes, pace and distance tracking, and cardio fitness levels. The Inspire HR comes in three colours — black, white/black and lilac.

No prices have been mentioned for either of the fitness trackers, for the simple reason that users will not have to pay for it. Fitbit has mentioned though, that the Inspire range is its cheapest offering yet.

But why is Fitbit doing this? In an interview with CNBC, Fitbit CEO James Park explained that the company already has 6.8 million users via various wellness programs and that the plan is to keep increasing that number.

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