Fitbit adds female health feature to its app to let women keep track of their menstrual cycle

It has been nearly two months since Fitbit had announced updates for women in its app. These updates launched this month in both Fitbit Ionic and Versa-the two new versions of the smartwatch. According to the Fitbit blog, the update is supposed to help women in tracking their menstrual cycle.

The app is actually quite basic and is not any different from other menstrual apps. But what is interesting is that women can get updates about their menstrual health from the watch, itself.

Currently, it is rolling out on iOS and Windows only and is yet to come to Android. The Ionic or Versa will have a health dashboard which will keep the user updated about their menstrual health.

This update will help women in keeping track of their menstrual cycle. They can keep track of the dates of their period, the duration of each period and also receive push notifications two days ahead of the predicted onset of the cycle. It has also included details such as heaviness of period based on the number of days, availability of fertile window for women to get intimate, use of birth control pills.

Interestingly, according to the blog post, users who do not identify as females can also use the app which means even men can keep a track of their spouses’ health.

Other than this it also includes tips and advice on menstrual health. The in-app tracking feature can help in reminding about the onset, therefore, leaving no space for uncertainty and keeping one prepared.

Fitbit will, therefore, double up both as a fitness tracker and a menstrual health tracker, especially for women.

Fitbit has also launched a Quick Replies feature for Android smartphone users. Quick Replies, as the name implies, lets you choose from five pre-written replies such as Yes, No, What’s Up? and so on or add your own replies which is up to 60 characters long. You can respond to third-party messaging apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Twitter and so on. Fitbit is also offering a limited set of emojis to communicate with in your Quick Replies.

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