Mozilla has released the Firefox 85 ending support for Adobe Flash Player plugin, which will enhance user’s privacy by blocking supercookies. According to Mozilla, the supercookies are store user identifiers that are extremely difficult to block and delete. With the changes made through network partitioning in Firefox 85, Mozilla will reduce the cache-based supercookies’ effectiveness by eliminating a tracker’s ability to use them across different websites. The report was listed on the Mozilla blog.

Mozilla noted that the tracker used to abuse caches to create supercookies and used connection identifiers to track users. Still, Mozilla made them ineffective for cross-site tracking by isolating the caches and network connections they created.

Mozilla explained how the technical solution prevented websites from tracking users as they moved across the web and noted that there was not much impact on the page load time by removing support for Flash.

Mozilla further noted that this partitioning would apply to all third-party resources embedded on a website, similar to the Chrome team reports, for similar cache protection, which they were planning on rolling out.

Firefox 85 also brought in new features that saved bookmarks in one location and removed credentials every time a user logged in.

Google had released Chrome 88 last week that removed support for Adobe Flash Player permanently. Adobe had started blocking Flash content for computer users worldwide from 12 January 2021 and displayed a warning that advises them to uninstall the Flash Player.

Firefox joined Edge and Chrome that removed the support for Flash earlier this month with the release of Edge 88 and Chrome 88. Adobe had announced the ending of Flash in mid-2017, along with other tech giants like Facebook, Apple, Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft.

Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder in 2010, had declared Flash unfit for the iPhone and iPad. To protect the system, Adobe has already started recommending users to uninstall the Flash Player.

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