Facebook’s oversight board on 1 December announced the first six cases it has picked to review on the platform. These cases include five user appeals and one case referred by Facebook. The oversight board has the power to overrule Facebook’s decisions to remove certain pieces of content from its platforms. The oversight board has received cases concerning violencehate speechnuditymisinformation regarding COVID-19, among others. In a blog on Facebook, the oversight board has published a post for each case the board is reviewing, and once the board makes a decision, each post will be updated to include details about the decision.

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The update and decisions on a case submitted for review can be seen on the Oversight Board website.

The oversight board has also announced that its public comment system is now live. This will allow anyone, from the “general public to subject matter experts and civil society organizations,” to submit research and perspectives relating to these first six cases.

The Oversight Board is an independent body that people can appeal to if they disagree with Facebook’s decisions about content on its platforms. The board includes six members: Chairperson Paul G Haaga, Jr, Kristina Arriaga, Cherine Chalaby, Wanda Felton, Kate O’Regan, and Robert Post.

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