Facebook Youth Portal is designed to teach teenagers how to use the platform

Facebook has launched Youth Portal, a resource centre aimed at teenagers that will guide them with tips and tricks on how to use the portal.

Youth Portal is essentially an online resource center, which has guides on how users can control their Facebook settings, along with more information about the tools the platform offers and how to apply them.

Some of the tips and tricks include a guide to posting on Facebook, which recommends that the teens should ask themselves whether they would feel comfortable reading out loud to their parents or grandparents the contents of a Facebook post before posting it. There are also tips on the kind of information a user should or should not share, which includes personal details like credit card information or home address.

Facebook reveals in its online blog, that it had first tested this portal with teenagers in the US, Italy, UK and Brazil, and took their help to design the website.

The portal also has a dedicated section for data privacy. This section deals with teaching users how to change their user settings so that their posts or status updates only show to specific groups of people, like their close friends or acquaintances.

Facebook says that it is still working on figuring out how to actually notify teenagers about its new tips and ensure that they go through them. Earlier this month, as a test, it started showing some of the tips to an unspecified number of teens in their NewsFeeds.

This list of tips and tricks, specifically dedicated at the youth, comes at a time when Facebook is still grappling with an enormous data breach scandal. And this entire scenario also gave rise to the concern that Facebook has failed to foresee how its services are used by children.

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