Facebook Stories will now feature ‘Likes’ and ‘Reactions’ to stories just like we like or react to posts.

The Stories concept, ripped off from Snapchat, was first seen on Instagram, followed by Facebook. However, neither Instagram nor Snapchat follows the concept of reacting to Stories. Instagram doesn’t give an option of liking Stories, but you can comment on the Story. The IGTV app which allows long form videos does have the like button though.

Additionally, Facebook has launched two ‘interactive stickers’ according to a TechCrunch reportThese are a flame and a laughing smile, which can be added to a Story. Whenever a friend taps on the Story, it shimmers and a notification is sent to the one who posted.

The other feature that has been introduced in Facebook Stories is a group reply option. The group reply thread opens up in Messenger though. This is just like when you respond to an Instagram Story, and how the message thread opens up in Instagram Direct Messages.

Users can also see who viewed their Facebook Stories and the list will include the people who liked, reacted or sent messages to their Story.

And lastly, like Instagram, Facebook is also testing a ‘Selfie’ mode feature. In this it gives a soft focus option making portrait photographs with bokeh or shallow depth of field.

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