Facebook should have copied Snapchat’s ‘data protection practises also’

It looked like Snap CEO Evan Spiegel was determined to hit back at Facebook. At the ongoing Code Conference in the US, Spiegel decided to give a dose on ethics to Facebook, which has been copying Snapchat’s playbook and implementing it in its apps.

The chief security officer of Facebook Alex Stamos gave it back to Spiegel on Twitter where he tweeted about Snapchat’s disappearing photos, where he claimed that its poor API security has led to ‘mass leaks of revenge porn’.At the Code Conference on 29 May, Spiegel said that other than copying their features, Facebook could have ‘copy our data protection practices too. Speigel said that as a designer if one is able to design simple and elegant features and people are copying it, then it is a ‘fantastic feeling’.

According to Spiegel, his company’s values do not depend on competition such as the number of ‘likes’, instead, it is dependant on empowering people on expressing themselves. According to him, Facebook is about numbers, whereas Snapchat is more about the community and the values, which are hard to copy. Spiegel may say all he likes about Facebook and Instagram, but last we checked Instagram Stories has left Snapchat Stories way behind. The recent redesign of the Snapchat app did not help matters any either.

Commenting on the Facebook Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Spiegel said that it is going to take some time since the changes have to be more than ‘window dressing’. It is more about how they work. He further said that it would be difficult to change the DNA of their company which is basically their values, since it is ‘hard to copy’.

“I think that’s why traditional social media feels threatened. Because fundamentally people realize that competing with their friends for ‘Likes’ and attention is kind of unpleasant and really not that great,” said Spiegel at the Code Conference. 

Here is a link to the full video of the Evan Spiegel interview.

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