Facebook prohibit gun ads for underage users on its platform

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Facebook has updated its advertising policy to prohibit ads for weapon accessories to users under the age of 18, the media reported.

Facebook updated its advertising policy page with examples of what kinds of firearm ads are and aren’t allowed on the platform under the changed policy, which will come into effect from June 21.The social network currently bans ads for the sale of weapons and modifications, like magazines. But Facebook has taken an additional step of adding an age requirement for ads selling things like holsters, be lt accessories or mounted flashlights, CNET reported on Friday.

For example, ads for gun cases, slings and gun paint are allowed, but only with the new age restriction. But ads for firearms, ammunition, paintball guns or BB guns aren’t allowed.

The company said that in the weeks ahead it will work with businesses and organisations that may be affected by the new age restriction policy.

The announcement comes as the US has been embroiled in a nationwide debate over gun reform. Mass shootings, including school attacks in Parkland, Florida, and Santa Fe, Texas, have intensified the discussion.

Facebook isn’t the only Silicon Valley company that’s waded into the gun debate by restricting the content on its platforms.

In March, YouTube said it will ban videos that promote or link to websites that sell firearms and related accessories. The company had already banned videos that attempted to sell firearms.

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