Major social media platform Facebook has launched its experimental E.gg app recently. Currently, Facebook is only available in the US, marketing the application as “a platform for freeform creative expression.” It is available for download via Apple App Store as the product is only for iOS users. Facebook says users will be able to live in the nostalgia of the old internet through E.gg and give wings to their creativity. Users can curate webpages on their phones and then share them on the web.

“With E.gg, you can curate images, gifs, shapes, and text onto freeform canvases to express who you are and what you love,” says a company blog. The post says that users who had used the beta version of the app have created pages for recipes, collages, fan pages, guides, tributes, and profiles on E.gg.

To get started, users need to choose their own URL, then fit images, text, GIFs, and other interactive material onto freeform canvases, and finally share it across the web. As a unique URL is being created, users who do not have the E.gg app can also view your creation.

In the app, users will be able to browse through other users’ curation and take elements if they are desirable. The app is experimental in nature and, thus, can change. It was created by the New Product Experimentation (NPE) team at Facebook.

The team behind E.gg had launched the beta version of the app way back in July, urging users to create something new and innovative that freely expresses them.

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